Monday, 15 February 2016

One Essential Intense Skin Detoxifying Booster Serum

So it's Dior. And one of the most promising products out there. So when my friend got the One Essential Intense Skin Detoxifying Booster Serum and hyped about it, I knew I had to lay my hands on it too. However before getting a sample, I bumped into a super crazy deal of 45% off, so I immediately purchased it. The 50 ml bottle. 
Dior claims that this serum combats the toxins in order to restore the skin's luminosity in a three way action. It detoxifies, regenerates and energises and finally boosts the cells in our skin. The texture is quite watery and absorbs quickly without leaving any residue or stickiness. 
I gave into that splurge and thought I made a pretty good deal since the full price of the 50ml bottle is around €124. (As a beauty junkie, I tend to stock on cosmetics and makeup when they are on sale.)  The serum stayed in my cabinet until it was time to try it, sometime last October. I was thrilled, excited and anticipated the time to come. 

However hard I tried to like this product, it never met my expectations. Not from day one. I am not really sure what this extravagant serum is supposed to do. The only thing that surely does is to make my skin crave moisture. There is a tightening, drying feeling after using it which I surely don't like especially in cold winter. I have been using it every day and night for the past 3 months and I really don't like it at all (how much product is still there, it never seems to come to an end!!). I have researched it and realised that many hype about it (which comes really surprising to me) because one of the main ingredients is alcohol. Alcohol penetrates the skin and although leaves the passage open for the ingredients of the product to be absorbed, once it dissolves your skin's barrier, it can no longer provide a seal against outside elements. Under no circumstances does this work for me, since it makes my already sensitive dehydrated skin more problematic.

To conclude if you really want to try this product get some samples before you buy it. It has been shown that alcohol harms your skin protective barrier and jeopardises the skin's overall health so there is no reason to use products that contain it when there are so many alternatives out there. 

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