Monday, 29 February 2016

Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation

When my friend over the Dior counter told me I had to try this foundation back in early November, I immediately booked an appointment for a make-up. I normally try not to get too excited and buy products on a whim, but that time (and many more) I just couldn't resist.

This foundation is just as described by Dior, "as a breath of fresh air". It is a lightweight, fluid serum that enhances your complexion with a light correction, leaving a natural mat velvety finish. It does not provide great coverage, I would say light to medium so it's for girls who just need to correct their complexion. 

At first I was very happy with this product because it was just what my skin needed. A sheer coverage just to enhance my complexion. However, as the weather was changing and the winter conditions made my skin crave moisture, I found that it didn't have the result I wanted, even with hydrating primer. The alcohol in the product does have a slight drying effect, so it might work better with normal-combination skin. It also has a strong scent (a combination of alcohol and old lipstick) that -fortunately- didn't react on my sensitive-combo-dehydrated skin. 

After experimenting with several ways of application I realised that fingers work best with this product. Even though it is quite runny and messy (that dropper is not my favourite) it is the best way to apply it. With such runny solutions flat kabuki brushes or sponges do not work well, since they tend to absorb a lot of product leaving a cakey effect on the skin. 

If you have normal, combination or oily skin and you don't need a lot of coverage, or if you are up for extensive priming and prepping your skin, then you will enjoy this foundation. I sure did, but I think my testing it during the winter was not ideal. I will definitely try it again during the summer months to give it a second chance. 

Have you tried it?
What are your thoughts?


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