Thursday, 6 August 2015

ZOEVA Brushes - A new addiction

A few months ago, my sister brought me a much wanted gift from her short trip to Germany. Yes, I'm talking about ZOEVA brushes! ZOEVA is a successful German cosmetic brand whose founder Zoe Boikou is Greek (somehow we Greeks manage to thrive abroad). Its name comes from the words ZOE (life in Greek) and EVA (the first woman). I have been watching my favourite bloggers and vloggers using these brushes for quite some time now and I couldn't wait to lay my hands on them.

The 230 / Luxe Pencil (€7.80) is ideal for precise shading, covering up and smoothing edges in the eyelid crease or along the lash line. Thanks to its triangular shape and compact natural synthetic hair mix, it absorbs excess colour and applies it evenly and precisely. This is the perfect brush to create a sexy under-eye smoky look or smudging your eyeliner. Dupe to Sigma E30 pencil brush ($14-18).

The 227 / Soft Definer (€7.80)  enables soft and smooth blending with an ease of application. It provides every eye makeup with a super soft finish. It is perfect for blending and shading loose and mineral eye-shadows. This brush is a much cheaper dupe for MAC 217 (€22) but of equivalent quality.

The 126 / Luxe Cheek Finish (€14.80)  has a blend of exquisite natural and synthetic hair. It is perfect for a finishing touch, since its dome shaped flat head achieves a beautiful blending of the blush. 

I really liked these brushes and I would love to buy some more in the future, since they are great value for money even with the shipping cost (€7.50 for Greece). Have you tried any of them?

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