Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Diego Dalla Palma La Vie En Beige Eye Shadow Palette

I haven't written for a while since the economic and political situation in Greece is really critical. However I feel that I can't watch any more news so I it's time for a new blog post.

In my recent trip to Cyprus I bought some beauty products (more reviews soon) and among them is the La Vie En Beige palette from Diego Dalla Palma. Diego Dalla Palma is an Italian cosmetic brand that I wasn't familiar with and to tell you the truth I don't buy products from brands I don't know without doing a thorough research first. However, the fact that it is a nude eye shadow palette with four amazing matte and two satin colours was enough to convince me on the spot. I love matte colours especially during the winter and this palette has a very carefully selected colour combination.

The packaging is very practical, a white solid plastic compact case with the logo in the front, quite light and definitely very handy for travelling. It also has a large mirror, for on the run touch-ups. 

The colours in the palette are: 
1 matte mocha, 2 satin tobacco, 3 matte terracotta, 
4 matte apricot, 5 matte beige, 6 satin ivory. 

As you can see from the swatches the colours have a really good writing effect and I can promise you the duration is excellent (always use an eye primer). 

P.s. Bear in mind that I am super tanned :) 

Satin ivory is an excellent colour to highlight the area under your brows and the inner corners of your eyes and matte terracotta is an excellent transitional colour. Matte apricot can give great warmth and with matte mocha and satin tobacco you can create a very natural and sophisticated smokey look. 

I have been using this palette for the last 3 weeks and I am very satisfied with it. The combination of the colours will suit perfectly brown and green eyes. The shadows are silky and easy to blend and the pigmentation (which is higher in darker colours) is really good. For €6 per shadow (total €36) I think the price is quite normal. You can find the palette in Beautyline stores (Cyprus) or online at the official website of Diego Dalla Palma

Do you own any beauty products from Diego Dalla Palma? What's your favourite? 

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