Sunday, 8 March 2015

My La Roche Posay sensitive eyes favourites

Three years ago, I decided to wear - for the first time in my life - a pair of lashes. At the same time I wore a friend's mascara (please don't do that since mascara brushes carry lots of germs). The result? From the next day I suffered from a major allergic reaction that resulted in losing 5-6 lashes from each eye everyday. 

There is no point to reveal the brands of the products since I don't think that it will do any good. It might have been the mascara, or the glue or the lashes themselves or the combination of all of them..Who knows? The point is that I was devastated.. I started avoiding make-up around the eye area - not only mascara, but eye shadows and eye liner as well, since even with gentle demaquillage the result was the same. This situation lasted more or less six months..The process was difficult, however I discovered some really great products that I still use till now in fear of happening again. 

I'll start with the products discovered recently and soon a second post will come. I was in need for a really gentle eye make-up remover for quite a long time and believe me, I tried quite a few. Eventually my eyes laid on La Roche Posay Toleriane Eye Make-Up Remover.

It comes in 30 sterile single doses of 5ml (how handy for travelling!) and each dose is enough to do both eyes. It is designed for intolerant and very sensitive eyes and is even suitable for contact lens users. It has no perfume, no preservatives and no parabens. I use it every time I want to take off my eye make-up. I soak two cotton pads and then press them onto my closed eyelids and leave them there for about 30 seconds. I find this softens the mascara and "absorbs" the excessive make-up. Then I pat them and wipe them gently without rubbing and ta-da! The make-up and most important the mascara, is gone! 

Bear in mind that the skin around the eye area is very delicate and by rubbing it may result in premature aging of the area! (This is so going to happen someday we don't want to have our hands on it too!!) The only thing that might keep some of you off is that it isn't suitable for waterproof make-up. I bought it from for 8.29.

So, not only had I a problem in choosing an eye make-up remover but a mascara too. When La Roche Posay announced a couple of years ago a new mascara for sensitive eyes I knew I had to buy it. Since then, Respectissime Ultra Doux became a must-have in my cosmetic bag. 

Its 94.8% natural formula fulfils the needs of utra-sensitive eyes for absolute tolerance and safety. It is enriched in Argan oil and Shea butter which leaves lashes soft and nourished. It is a great mascara for a morning look since the slim brush defines every single lash there - even the tiny ones - giving you a natural result without overloading clumps. Its thin buttery formula gives you the opportunity to build-up more coats that will add more length than volume. 

I adore the fact that even when it dries the feeling is still soft and comfortable. Moreover, it goes off super easy without any fuss! The only thing I don't like is that the wand is quite long which is not that handy for me and that it is only 5.9 ml. It cost me €12,81 from .

I definitely recommend these products for anyone in need of a gentle eye make-up remover and a natural ingredients mascara. Both these products work and would suit anybody, not just people with sensitive eyes.

Have you tried them yet?

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