Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Apivita Natural Serums - A must have!

Apivita Natural Serums - A must have!

Well, I have these beauties in my hands for some time now but I really want to try skincare products at least a couple of months before I review them. I bought them in sets of two at a very good price. 

I used only three of them since I feel my face is not in need of a firming effect yet, so I gave the brown bottle (lifting serum with royal jelly and vitamin A) to my mother. For the last couple of months I have been using the green one (radiance) in the mornings just before my moisturizer, the blue one (hydration) at nights before my night cream and the red one (line reducer) twice a day on my eyes and a couple of fine expression lines. 

My verdict? LOVE LOVE LOVE! Where should I start? From the packaging that gives you the feeling of a very luxurious product before you even open it? From the fact that they're so lightly fragrant, all three of them smell so fresh (my favourite is the green one!). From the texture which feels so soft on the skin? Apivita has produced miracles in a bottle! 

The one in the green bottle is a natural serum for radiance with bilberry, vitamin C and consists of 96% natural ingredients. It reduces any discolorations, brightens and improves the overall homogeneity of your skin. It also provides the skin with powerful antioxidant protection and maintains the vitality of the cells. It is my favourite since my skin feels and looks so healthy and fresh every time I wear it! Secret tip? Mix 1-2 drops with your foundation before you apply it for a more luminous and dewy effect! 

The natural serum in the blue bottle is for hydration, with aloe and hyaluronic acid. With 98% natural ingredients in its consistency, it hydrates your skin in depth in all layers. It promises to immediately increase the moisture on the skin up to 63% and maintain the hydration for 24 hrs. In my case however, I feel that I needed to re-apply a few drops in the morning after my cleansing routine, especially on those really cold days. 

The red bottle is a line reducer that offers anti-wrinkle protection thanks to resveratrol, vitamin E and 94% natural ingredients. It enhances the youthfulness of the skin, offers antioxidant protection and reduces the depth of the wrinkles. Having sensitive skin and some fine lines from the contractions of muscles, I feel this serum activated all the mechanisms towards a more rejuvenated appearance. 

A considerable advantage is that all Apivita's natural serums are free of parabens, silicons, propylene glycol, mineral oils, phthalates and are dermatologically tested. 

Overall, I believe Apivita's natural serums helped my skin stay healthy after the excessive sun exposure, the poor nutrition, the high stress levels I have been experiencing lately and the harsh weather conditions during the cold winter months. So it's a major YES from me!

Have you tried any of them? 

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