Thursday, 2 April 2015

Is Fillerina the new at-home Botox? Oh, yes!

When my pharmacist called me and asked me to try an impressive innovative product I could never imagine that we were talking about THE product of the year. 

Labo, a Swiss company, has been conducting research towards finding a cosmetic method of filling the wrinkles through hyaluronic acid, for 5 years. Fillerina, introduced in 2012, is a filler treatment to be used in 14 days at the comfort of your own home.  I had the opportunity to try out this product and review it for you!

The kit contains:
  • 14 doses (2ml) of Gel Filler
  • 14 doses (2ml) of Nourishing Film
  • 2 Precision Applicators (the ones that look like syringes)
and it is for external treatment.

Fillerina comes in three different grades to suit different skin needs:
  • Grade 1 - for fine lines and minimal sagging of the oval of the face
  • Grade 2 - for visible lines and moderate sagging 
  • Grade 3- for deep lines and very noticeable sagging.

How it works: 
After cleansing your face thoroughly, you pump 2ml of the Gel Filler into the Precision Applicator and apply it on the wrinkles on your face, neck and eyes, and around your lips. You leave it there for about 10 minutes and then you gently pat the excessive product until it is absorbed. After that, you apply the Nourishing Film onto the skin by massaging it, making sure all the nourishing substances are taken in, leaving it smooth and hydrated. The amazing part is that the product contains six different types of hyaluronic acid, and not only does it fill your expression lines and wrinkles but it also plumps the areas in need of greater volume, such as your lips and cheekbones! To help the product function better and maximize the results, you are advised to drink 2 glasses of water prior use. 

My experience:
When the beauty expert applied the product on my face, I was a bit scared since it gave me a sense of tingling and slight burning especially around the eye and lip area. I was assured that it was normal and fortunately I didn't have any reactions, so it must have been the active ingredients working! A whole dose of the Precision Applicator was a bit too much for my face since even though I am almost 34 I don't have any wrinkles, just some fine expression lines - thank goodness! So, the excessive product, as it couldn't be absorbed, started "flaking off" and believe me, you don't want that look on day time. Thus, if your areas of application are not that many, you can go down to 1.5 ml in each dose or even lower (that way the product is going to last longer too!!). Moreover, I would advice you to use it at night, when we usually have more time to pamper ourselves anyway.

My verdict:
I was really impressed with the results. The fine lines around my eyes became noticeably smoother and my lips plumped up, with just one application. I believe that following a regular treatment, the results will be more permanent - after all the company promises a six-month lasting effect. So, with instant and effective long-lasting results, at the comfort of your own home and with no pain? Well, it seems to me it's worth the try! 

You can find Fillerina in selected pharmacies from €60 - €80 depending the grade. 

PS. I would like to apologise that I totally forgot to take step by step pictures of the process due to the excitement, so some of the pictures are from the web.

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