Sunday, 12 June 2016

The alphabet system in skincare and their differences - CC creams

CC creams (colour correcting or complexion correcting) are supposed to be lighter in texture than BB creams (read my post here) since their main purpose is to address complexion issues such as uneven tone and pigmentation. It can be said that CC creams are a better version of BB creams with more brightening ingredients. Moreover, not only do they provide concealing without a heavy finish, but also anti-ageing properties, SPF and hydrating ingredients too.

I have tried and tested a couple of CC creams, the Phytomer CC Skin Perfecting Cream (read my review here) and the Chanel CC Complete Correction cream. I got a really generous sample from the Chanel one last summer and liked it a lot. The price however was holding me back (€66 for 30ml) but finally I buckled in Xmas sales. And never regretted it.

Chanel claims that this cream benefits your skin in 5 steps. It corrects, soothes, moisturises, protects and perfects. And -0h my- I agree. You need nothing but a serum or a primer and a setting powder and off you go. It is a multi-functional product that solves the problem for those who don't want too many steps in their beauty routine. 

For me, the most important factor is the SPF 50. This is the main reason I got into the alphabet skincare system anyway. I don't like using a moisturizer, a sunscreen and my foundation on top of them. I feel my skin gets clogged and does not breath. Chanel manages to cover all these needs and the high SPF which I need all year round (don't forget I live in Greece!) 

At first you'll think the product comes quite thick but when you apply it on your skin it melts. I totally recommend fingers to do the job, and not too much product. Although it gives you a light to medium coverage, you can built thin layers with gentle motions. The finish is dewy (which I love) but if you want to last a bit longer you can set it with a translucent powder. 

Overall this CC cream is one my favourite multi-functional products. There are cons though, the high price, the limited shade range (I am a true 30 match) and the floral scent (this particular we all know in Chanel products) but instead of buying a moisturiser, a sunscreen and a foundation you can have it all in one product. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Have you tried Chanel's CC cream?
What are your thoughts?


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