Thursday, 7 April 2016

My Phytomer skincare routine

Back in November I attended an event organised by Thraki Palace Thalasso & Wellness Spa and left with a variety of skincare products by Phytomer. Phytomer is a French skincare company mainly distributed and used in spas and beauty salons. It was founded over 40 years ago and has been manufacturing high quality products ever since. It uses different marine ingredients that are extracted from sea plants. Phytomer has its own laboratories and scientists that research and develop their sophisticated products.
I have been using these products for about three months now so I can definitely state my honest opinion. I start ( and finish) my day using the Souffle Marin Cleansing Foaming Cream. This soft, creamy cleanser develops in an airy foam that cleanses my skin perfectly. Even though it is a great mild cleanser, my dehydrated, blemish prone, sensitive skin still feels thirsty after using it. Next time I will try the Doux Visage Velvet Cleaning Cream, it might suit my skin better.

My next step is serum and I have been using the Souffle Marin Energising Oxygenating Serum. Its formula is thick, almost like an emulsion and it is targeted for tired, polluted and dull skin (totally suitable for me). It is supposed to light up your complexion and let your skin breath and feel toned. It surely does leave my skin more hydrated and plump but I haven't really noticed any changes on my complexion.

Moisturizer follows and I have chosen the Initial Youth Multi-Action Early Wrinkle Fluid. This lightweight fluid is supposed to counteract early wrinkles and improve skin's elasticity leaving a silky feeling. I haven't got any wrinkles yet (thank god!) but I use anti-ageing products to prevent their appearance. This cream has a lovely silky texture and goes really well with the serum. Nevertheless, it was quite light for my skin during the winter but it will be excellent for summertime. The only downside is that this fluid comes in 30ml while the Initial Youth Multi-Action Early Wrinkle Cream in 50ml, which makes me wonder why the company has produced a cream in serum's ml. 

I continue with my eyes and lips, using the Youth Contour Smoothing Eye and Lip Cream. This cream combines anti-ageing and anti-tiredness factors and is in fact what my delicate eye area needs. It's probably the best eye-lip cream I've ever used. I have some fine lines around my eyes (probably from smiling a lot) and none whatsoever around my lips (however since I was a smoker for a good 10 years I dread that smoker's wrinkles will appear someday). I feel it brightens the eye area and leaves it smooth and soft. It also softens the lip area leaving a silky feeling. 

I got two more products as they were in a set and I had to pay only for one (always up for a good deal) and didn't regret it at all! The Peeling Vegetal which is an exfoliant with natural enzymes and the CC Skin Perfecting Cream. Now, as much I am a fan of clean skin, I don't like using harsh grainy peelings on it. I feel that excessive scrubbing damages the skin barrier, therefore I only use acids. I prefer enzyme peelings, this particular one contains papain - an enzyme extract from papaya. It has a thick creamy substance and the softest sense. It leaves my skin both clean and velvety, ready for the next step. I like using it in the shower as I feel it works better with steam.

The CC cream is a must-have since not only does it have an amazing texture and hydrate my skin perfectly, but it also enhances my complexion, is a good makeup base and has an SPF 20. The colour was quite dark (shade 02) for the winter but I can always use it during the summer. I tried it a few times mixed with another light-coloured BB cream and absolutely loved it. I need to get the 01 shade and mix them together to get the most of it!

I really loved the Phytomer products as I got to pamper myself everyday. The smell in all of them is wonderful without being too perfumery as most high-end brands tend to. Their quality is incredible and they're very luxurious. They can be found in selected spas worldwide.

Have you tried any of Phytomer's products?
What are your thoughts?

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